First-class guitar straps that simply make you happy.

These handcrafted guitar straps help you play the guitar relaxed and deliver your best performance. They increase your joy of playing and give you a safe feeling at all times.

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126 products



126 products


The highest price is 250 €


126 products

A Steyner guitar strap is a unique opportunity for quality-conscious people like you.

Experience an extraordinary playing experience like never before with a guitar strap from Steyner Straps. Because the Steyner guitar strap is much more than just a "holder" for the guitar while playing. A Steyner guitar strap is a personal statement that you can be proud of. A special one-off, far removed from the mainstream, that does justice to your beloved instrument and your personal quality standards. Because it combines the best wearing properties with fantastic designs that your friends and bandmates are guaranteed to envy.

Steyner guitar strap - 7 reasons why you will love it!

+ Unique designs to fall in love with and be jealous

+ Regional production in the Ruhr area in Germany

+ A special guitar strap that not everyone has

+ Indestructible fastening straps for maximum security

+ Personal and individual type advice for the strap design on your guitar

+ Personal name engraving for even more distinctiveness

Gitarrengurte - Made in Germany

Discover our large selection of handmade straps. If you particularly like eye-catching patterns and bright colors, you should definitely check out our View guitar straps with pattern. Here you will find many different designs such as floral vintage guitar straps, Straps with the popular paisley pattern, Retro styles like the Jimi Hendrix design, Skull- or Ethno motifs. If your strap should be rather discreet, our single-colored guitar straps made of leather, nylon or Car seat belt the right choice. For absolute top comfort, take a look at our cushioned straps.

Either electric guitar, acoustic guitar, western guitar or Bass guitar, our straps can be combined with all guitar and bass models.

Buy your perfect guitar strap online here and make your personal statement!

also as vegan version and with personal engraving available

Our mission is to create very special one-offs that you can use to make a personal statement on quality, sustainability, appearance and comfort.

Relationship with the guitar

Perfect guitar strap for your best performance, whether you're a hobby guitarist in the living room or a professional guitarist on stage!

As a quality-conscious guitar player, you know that the more often and longer you play, the more the personal demand for a special guitar increases. After a guitar with which you become "one" and after a guitar strap that underscores this and is also really comfortable. It's not just about comfort while playing the guitar and avoiding possible shoulder or neck problems. But also about the "ease" when playing, which occurs when the guitar strap gives you a good feeling of security and does not slip unintentionally, for example with top-heavy guitars.


Good sense of security

Another safety example is how the seat belt is fastened. If this makes a stable and durable impression, it gives you a good and safe feeling without subconscious fear of falling. This feeling of security ultimately allows you to play in a much more relaxed, self-confident and concentrated manner. And that's exactly what someone like you with high standards of himself wants to achieve. Play carefree and enjoy the sound without limits.

Gitarrengurt braun schwarz an Gibson ES Gitarre

Perfect Match

Personal type advice for the best guitar strap design tailored to you and your dream guitar.

As a visual type like you, the eye simply "sees" with you. After all, you got your dream guitar for a very specific reason. The sound cast a spell over you and the look and workmanship enchanted you. Then it "clicked" and you two found each other. A Steyner guitar strap starts with this special connection. On the one hand, the strap keeps your guitar treasure safe and very close to your musician's heart. On the other hand, the strap complements the special quality level of your guitar to create a perfect visual unit. A "Perfect Match" to envy.

Gitarrengurt mit persönlicher Gravur auf Lederlasche von Steyner

Gitarrengurt mit Gravur

Even more personality and exclusivity, just the way you like it, creates a name engraving or band logo on the guitar strap - simply unmistakable!

A guitar strap with your personal initials, yours names or a band logo underline your love and passion for the guitar and playing even more. Because comparable off-the-shelf products bore you. Special and above all "being different", that is what defines you and your taste. Show it with an individual engraving on your Steyner guitar strap.

Gitarrengurt mit Paisley Muster an einer Egitarre in Gold

What is a guitar strap?

A guitar strap is a musical instrument accessory that allows guitarists and bassists to hold and support a guitar or bass while playing while standing. But it's also a great way to add a personal touch to your setup. A guitar strap is a wide band that attaches to the guitar and then slings over the shoulder. The fastening straps are connected to the body with strap pins. Strap pins are steel pins found on the underside of the guitar's body and, in many cases, at the base of the guitar's neck. This makes it possible to play while standing and to let go of the hands on the instrument. The guitar strap keeps the instrument close to the body and relieves the arms when playing, so that the strings can be gripped in a relaxed manner.

Common materials for a guitar strap are leather, cotton or nylon. Which material is most suitable depends on personal preferences as well as on the type of guitar and your own playing style. A very thin and cheap guitar strap is more suitable for someone who only plays a few and light guitars. Like an acoustic or classical guitar. Because the thinner the belt, the more uncomfortable it is. If someone plays a lot, it makes a lot of sense to invest a little more in a really good guitar strap. The higher the quality of the belt, the thicker, softer and therefore more comfortable it is. Because the weight of the guitar is better distributed over the shoulder with a thicker strap. This means that a frequent player can play with a textile strap or a leather strap that is at least 2 mm thick, for example, without back or shoulder problems, even during longer sessions.

Advantages of a premium guitar strap

+ High level of comfort
+ Long service life
+ Sustainability
+ Suitable for all types of guitar

Retro GItarrengurt Hendrix Woodstock

Guitar straps with remake styles from the 60's & 70's

The Steyner retro guitar strap collection is characterized by the jacquard woven straps on the front. Some straps are replicas of the hippie webbing straps made famous by countless legendary guitarists in the '60s and '70s.

These premium jacquard weave Hootenanny straps have graced the shoulders of many of the greatest guitarists of yesterday and today. Among other things you will find our Jimi Hendrix belt, which is a remake of the belt he wore at the legendary Woodstock Festival. The strap embodies the master guitarist's visionary spirit and style through the vibrant colors and expressive pattern.

Discover many different patterns and color combinations, for example our classic houndstooth pattern with a rock touch, our retro pattern in floral vintage style, as well as our modern floral and checked patterns. These beautiful woven jacquard guitar straps are an absolute must have for every style lover. We even developed some designs ourselves and had them specially woven for these guitar straps.

To the retro guitar strap range

Monochrome straps for simple elegance and maximum performance

Unsere erstklassige Gitarrengurt Kollektion aus Nylon ist optisch und haptisch eine absolute Wucht. Die Gurte bestehen aus zwei super soften, dicken Lagen. Die edle Nylon Vorderseite wurde mit einem rutschfesten Baumwollband auf der Rückseite vernäht. Dadurch entstehen weiche Kanten, eine angehnehme Polsterung und ein bequemes, rutschfestes Tragegefühl. Diese Gitarrengurte sind für die Ewigkeit gemacht und bestens für schwere, kopflastige Instrumente geeignet.

Entdecke viele verschiedene Farben, wie schwarz, braun, beige, rot, lila oder blau und kaufen Deinen einfarbigen Gitarrengurt online.

Find out more about this guitar strap

Which guitar strap is the best?

As many different guitar finishes as there are, there are many more patterns, designs, and colors when it comes to guitar straps. The best guitar strap should also be comfortable to play while standing. It doesn't matter if you're a punk rocker with your guitar hanging from your knees or a straight forward jazz player who likes the guitar a little higher. The fact is - you need something reliable. First and foremost to be able to concentrate 100% on the game and of course to avoid the worst catastrophe. A crash of the guitar. Because nothing worse if the strap tears or slips off and the instrument falls to the ground. The answer to this question basically depends on the personal requirements of the player. But there are 3 factors that play a very decisive role in a guitar strap and bring the joy of playing, the playing time and the playing quality to the highest level.

1. The wearing comfort
2. The Design 3. The sense of security

The wearing comfort of the guitar strap depends not only on the material used, but also on the quality. A thin nylon strap is the most economical option when it comes to real comfort. A soft, thick textile strap or a high-quality leather guitar strap are more expensive, but of a much higher quality and therefore much more comfortable to play.

If you are a visual type, looks also play a major role and you can emphasize your personality with a special design. Because if the strap looks good and is also perfectly matched to the guitar, you automatically prefer to pick up the guitar and playing is just a lot more fun.

If you feel really "safe" while playing, the game quality will be better than if you feel unsafe. For example, if you're worried about the guitar falling because the attachment doesn't make a robust impression or the strap is so slippery that it keeps slipping unintentionally and you have to position the guitar correctly again and again. As a result, your head and your hands are not free and it is hardly possible to drift off 100% into the game. Therefore, pay attention to robust fastening straps on the guitar strap and a rough underside so that the strap does not slip.

Conclusion: The best guitar strap is a high-quality strap that makes you feel really safe, special and absolutely comfortable. Like a Steyner guitar strap, for example. :-)

  • Gitarrengurt im Vintage Stil mit Blumen Muster hochwertig edel und handgemacht aus Deutschland

    Tropical Nights Gitarrengurt

    This guitar strap immediately won our hearts with its eye-catching and beautiful aesthetic. The black shimmering base tone brings a light elegance with it. The floral vintage pattern in gold, silver and red rounds it off and gives the belt a majestic look. Tropical Nights upgrades every guitar and becomes an equal partner for special instruments. And best of all, this design goes with almost any guitar finish. Black, white, brown, green, red, yellow, gold, cream sunburst and grey.

    About this guitar strap 
  • Gitarrengrut einfarbig beige mit Les Paul E Gitarre hochwertig besonderer Gurt

    Heavy Harvey

    A monochrome guitar strap that has it all. Because the belt is extremely thick and soft and therefore extremely comfortable to wear. The strap gently wraps around your shoulders and the solid material ensures a top-class sense of security. So you can fully enjoy even the wildest performances. The surface has a woven structure and a slight shimmer effect that makes you look really classy with the belt. It goes perfectly with brown, gold, cream, white, green, blue, red or gold guitar finishes.

    About this guitar strap 
  • Gitarrengurt aus Leder aged Effekt Steyner braun

    Grainy Chestnut Deluxe

    This guitar strap is an absolute dream for all leather fans. Because not only the beautifully "aged" surface characterizes this belt, but also the incredibly high wearing comfort. Due to the 4 mm padding and the use of very high-quality cowhide, the belt is buttery soft and cuddly. We think such a leather guitar strap fits every guitar and always looks extremely good.

    About this guitar strap 

Warum sollte ich einen Steyner Gitarrengurt kaufen?
Beim Kauf eines Gitarrengurtes von Steyner investierst Du nicht nur in ein stilvolles Accessoire, sondern viel mehr in einen lebenslangen Begleiter in exzellenter, handgefertigter Qualität.Unsere Straps brillieren neben der eindrucksvollen Optik, vor allem auch durch exzellenten Komfort, sehr wertiger Haptik und Langlebigkeit. Der Steyner Gitarrengurt wird von uns aus den besten Materialien, mit größter Verarbeitungssorgfalt und viel Liebe für das Detail handgefertigt. Jedes Design ist handselektiert und mit passendem Baumwollband für Tragekomfort und Rutschfestigkeit kombiniert.


Wir möchten, dass Du beim Spielen nicht nur gut aussehen kannst, sondern auch die erforderliche Sicherheit bekommst, um Dich zu 100 % auf das Spielen zu fokussieren. Deshalb verwenden wir extra starke 4 mm Lederenden und ein griffiges Baumwollband für den nötigen Grip. Unser Ziel ist es robuste, einzigartige, unverwechselbare Schmuckstücke für den anspruchsvollen Gitarristen / Bassisten, wie Dich herzustellen. Ganz egal, ob Du auffällige Muster und Farben magst oder Dir lieber schlanke Eleganz wünscht, ein Steyner Gitarrengurt ist etwas ganz besonderes, was nicht jeder hat und womit Du Deine Persönlichkeit unterstreichen kannst.


Welcher Steyner Gitarrengurt ist am angenehmsten zu tragen?
Das ist abhängig vom Gewicht der Gitarre, Deiner Spielweise und Haltung der Gitarre und Deinem persönlichen Empfinden. Da wir besonders hohen Wert auf Komfort legen, eignen sich nicht nur unsere Leder Gurte für schwere Instrumente, sondern auch die bunten Straps. Grundsätzlich werden alle Gurte von unseren Käufern als sehr weich, bequem und nicht zu rutschig empfunden. Auch spielen ohne T-Shirt oder tiefem Ausschnitt ist kein Problem, da die Kanten weich sind und in der Regel nicht am Hals einschneiden.


Kann ich eine Sonderanfertigung bestellen?
Wir können alle Gurte (außer Leder Gitarrengurte) im Rahmen unserer Materialien nach Deinen Wünschen anfertigen. Du kannst die Lederfarbe und die Metallfarbe, sowie die Farbe der Rückseite aussuchen. Natürlich können wir Deinen Gurt auch auf Deine gewünschte Länge herstellen. Der Aufpreis für eine Sonderbestellung mit unseren Materialien liegt bei 25 €. Die Fertigung dauert 5-8 Tage. Wenn Du einen Custom Gurt möchtest, der aus völlig anderen Designs besteht melde Dich gern bei uns. In einigen Fällen können wir dir auch dabei weiterhelfen. Schreibe uns hierzu einfach eine kurze Mail.


Dein stilvoller Design Gitarrengurt mit Charakter - Made in Germany:
Du bist leidenschaftlicher Hobbygitarrist und liebst Deine Gitarre über alles? Oder hast Du vielleicht gerade erst angefangen Gitarre zu spielen, der eine hochwertige Gitarre gekauft und bist auf der Suche nach Deinem ersten Gitarrengurt für Deine E-Gitarre, Westerngitarre, Konzertgitarre oder Bassgitarre?


Wir denken, dass die drei wichtigsten Faktoren für einen perfekten Gitarrengurt Qualität, Tragekomfort und eine großartige Optik sind! Wir möchten Dir ermöglichen, dass Du Deinen perfekten Gurt bekommst, der genau zu Deinen Anforderungen passt. Er soll Dir helfen Dich auf die Musik und das Spielen zu konzentrieren und gleichzeitig richtig stilvoll aussehen.  Ein Gitarrengurt, der sich sanft um Deine Schulter legt und Dir genügend Sicherheit bietet, egal ob Deine Bühne das Wohnzimmer oder aber ein großer Saal mit vielen tausend Zuhörern ist.

Technische Faktoren für einen Steyner Gitarrengurt: 
Die Basis für jeden Steyner Gitarrengurt bildet ein dickes Baumwollband, was dazu beiträgt, dass der Gurt beim Spielen im Stehen nicht ungewollt verrutscht. Vor allem bei schweren kopflastigen Gitarren hast Du so die nötige Sicherheit. Zudem verteilen unsere Gitarrengurte das Gewicht der Gitarre optimal auf Deinen Schultern, um Rücken- und Schulterschmerzen zu vermeiden. Für unsere Gitarrengurte verwenden wir ausschließlich sehr weiches Material, sodass lästiges Einschneiden verhindert wird und sich der Gitarrengurt stets angenehm tragen lässt. Schon wenn Du einen Steyner Gitarrengurt das erste Mal in der Hand hältst wirst Du die hohe Qualität der verwendeten Materialien fühlen können.

Handgemachter Gitarrengurt - Made in Germany:
Neben den technischen Faktoren stehet der Steyner guitar strap vor allem für ein einzigartiges, handgemachtes Design. Dein Steyner Gitarrengurt ist ein Statement Deiner Persönlichkeit! Entdecke daher unsere  Gitarrengurte in zahlreichen Ausführungen und Mustern. Ob als Nylon Gitarrengurt , als Gitarrengurt aus Autogurtband oder als Gitarrengurt aus hochwertigem Leder , die Gitarrengurte sind mit verschiedenen Farben ein echter Hingucker sowie besonders bequem und robust. Darf es ein ausgefalleneres Muster oder Design sein, solltest Du Dir unsere Retro Gitarrengurte , die Vintage Gitarrengurte oder unsere Paisley Gitarrengurte nicht entgehen lassen! In ausgefallenen Designs, wie im Paisley-, Blumen- oder Boho-Stil sind die Gitarrengurte echte Hingucker. Designs mit asiatischen oder indischen Touch sowie Gitarrengurte aus stilvollem Brokat lassen sich besonders gut mit schlichten Gitarren kombinieren.

Bring Deine Gitarre mit einem Gitarrengurt von Steyner zum Glänzen. Unsere Gitarrengurte ziehen alle Blicke auf sich und geben Dir die Möglichkeit ein zugleich edles und knalliges Statement zu setzen! Wir versprechen, dass Dein Steyner Gitarrengurt Dir stets ein treuer Begleiter sein wird. Steyner Gitarrengurte – Made made with love!