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+ Which hole size is the right for me?

We offer 4 different hole sizes:

strap hole sizes for guitar and bass strap

8 mm ( with standard strap pin)
This hole size is suitable for all guitars, basses, and ukuleles with the strap pin pre-installed from the factory. Usually, this pin is funnel shaped. Therefore, a strap with 8 mm hole and slot on both sides is suitable for these strap pins.

10 mm ( for maxi strap pin)
Few guitar brands install larger strap pins on their guitars. For example, PRS Guitars. The inner diameter of the pin is 9 or 10 mm. This maxi strap pin requires a 10 mm hole, as well as the slot to put the strap over the outer disc. The disc diameter is about 13-15 mm.

10 mm one side ( for jack socket)
If you have a guitar with a pickup, it may be that the connector for the cable also serves as a strap pin. A 10 mm slotted hole is required to attach the strap to this connector on the body. The other strap pin on the neck is usually a standard 8 mm pin. If you choose this hole size, you will get a strap with 8 mm hole in the front and 10 mm hole in the back.

10 mm ( with Schaller Locks)
If you use the Schaller belt locking system, we recommend the 10 mm hole without slot. Since the hole fits exactly over the Schaller thread, no slot is necessary.

+ I would like to order a Steyner straplock, which hole size do I choose?

guitar and bass strap secure system straplocks

Steyner Big Locks
We recommend our Big Locks for all straps. The suitable hole size in combination with the Big Locks is: 8 mm for standard strap pin

Steyner Small Locks
If our "Big Locks" are too big for you, we offer with the Small locks


+ Why a Steyner Strap?

When you buy a Steyner strap, you are not only investing on a stylish accessory, but much more in a lifelong companion of excellent, handmade quality.

In addition to design, our straps shine, above all with their comfort, feel, and durability. The Steyner straps are handmade by us from the highest quality materials, with the greatest processing care and attention to detail. Each design is hand selected and combined with matching cotton webbing for comfort and slip resistance.
We believe in not only making you look good on stage, but also giving you the necessary confidence to focus 100% on playing. That is why we use extra strong 4mm leather ends and a grippy cotton strap for the grip you need.

Our goal is to produce rugged, unique, distinctive jewelry for the discerning guitarist / bassist. Whether you like flashy patterns and colors or prefer sleek elegance, a Steyner Strap is an incredibly special addition and is guaranteed to stay with you for a long time.

+ Which strap model is the most comfortable to wear?

That depends on the weight of the guitar, your playing style, the posture of the guitar, and your personal feeling. Since we place particularly high value on comfort, it is not only our leather straps that are suitable for heavy instruments, but also the colorful straps.

Basically, all our buyers found our straps to be incredibly soft, comfortable, and not too slippery. Even playing without a T-shirt or low neckline is no problem, as the edges are soft and do not cut into the neck.

+ How wide are the Steyner guitar straps?

All retro, vintage, paisley, seat belt guitar straps are 2 inches (5 cm) wide.

The nylon straps are 5.2 cm (2.04 inch)

The leather straps are 6.5 cm (2.5 inches) wide.

+ How heavy are the straps?

Retro straps: exceptionally light - 160 g

Vintage belts: light - 180 g

Leather straps: medium - 210 g

Nylon straps: medium weight - 265 g

seat belt: medium heavy - 280 g

+ My playing is very violent and wild. Can the leather tear out?

The leather ends of our straps (except leather straps) are made of 4 mm thick, tensile leather. Severe stretching or tearing of the strap hole is almost impossible.
The ends of the leather straps are 3 mm thick. The belt hole is additionally stitched. Slight borrowing is possible with very heavy use over time. However, it will not tear out.
Strapslocks are recommended for maximum security.

+ The leather end of my strap does not fit on my guitar’s strap pin. What can I do?

Your strap has a narrow cut above the hole for a tight seal. If your guitar has a larger than usual strap pin, the notch may be a bit too small. In that case, please try to make the incision a little longer by carefully cutting it with a sharp knife. Please cut carefully and slowly.

With our -> Straplocks, you can avoid this problem. They fit exactly into our strap holes.


+ Where are the straps produced?

All straps (except the full leather harnesses) are produced in our manufactory in Hamm. We process all raw materials together in our factory. This includes, among other things, the finishing of the fabrics, the cutting of the fabrics, the riveting of the end pieces, as well as the sewing together of the individual parts. Each belt is lovingly handmade for you.
We get our full leather straps from a leather workshop in Portugal. These straps are also lovingly handmade with the highest precision according to our specifications and designs.



Vegan | Engraving | Special request


+ Are there also vegan guitar straps?

Yes, we also have vegan variants. All belt models (except pure leather belts), can alternatively be ordered with vegan leather ends. On the product page you can directly select the desired leather type.

Vegan leather

+ Can I have my name engraved on the guitar strap?

Yes. Upon request, we can engrave your name or logo on the front of the rear leather end in solid black. The extra charge for engraving is €15 and the production takes 1-2 days longer.

Personalisierter Gitarrengurt mit Gravur

+ Can I order a custom-made strap?

We can custom make all straps (except the leather guitar straps) to your specifications within the limits of our materials. You can choose the leather color and the metal color, as well as the color of the back. Of course, we can also make your strap to your desired length. The extra charge for a special order with our materials is €15. The production takes 3-5 days.

If you want a custom-made strap that consists of completely different designs, please contact us. In some cases, we can also help you with this.
Just send us a short mail.




+ How does the return work?

If you want to return something, just write us a short email. We incur the return costs for all returns within Germany. You will receive a return label by mail. Then send the item, preferably in the original packaging, back to: Steyner Straps, Donauschleife 5, 59069 Hamm, Germany. As soon as we have received the item again, we will refund the purchase amount.
If you want to return something from abroad, the return costs will be borne by you. Please write us an email and let us know. Then send the item, preferably in the original packaging, back to: Steyner Straps, Donauschleife 5, 59069 Hamm, Germany. Once we receive the item again, we will refund the purchase amount.