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Guitar strap

+ Why a steyner guitarstrap?

When you buy a Steyner belt, you not only invest in a stylish accessory, but much more in a lifelong companion of excellent handcrafted quality. Our straps shine not only in design, but above all in comfort, feel and durability. Steyner harnesses are handmade by us from the highest quality materials, with the greatest care for workmanship and attention to detail. Each design is hand selected and combined with matching cotton tape for comfort and slip resistance. We believe in not only looking good on stage, but also giving you the confidence you need to focus 100% on playing. That's why we use extra strong 4 mm leather ends and a grippy cotton tape for the necessary grip. Our goal is to create rugged, unique, distinctive jewelry for the discerning guitarist / bassist. No matter if you like eye-catching patterns and colours or if you prefer slim elegance, a Steyner Strap is something very special and is guaranteed to accompany you for a long time.

+ Welches Gurtmodell ist am angenehmsten zu tragen?

This depends on the weight of the guitar, your playing style and posture of the guitar and your personal feelings. Since we attach great importance to comfort, not only our leather straps are suitable for heavy instruments, but also the colourful straps.

Basically all belts are perceived by our customers as very soft, comfortable and not too slippery. Even playing without a T-shirt or a deep neckline is no problem, as the edges are soft and do not cut into the neck.

+ Wie breit sind die Steyner Gitarren Gurte?

All Retro, Vintage, Paisley, Car Strap Guitar Straps are 5 cm (2 inch) wide.
The nylon straps are 5.2 cm (2.04 inch)
The leather straps are 6.5 cm (2.5 inches) wide.

+ Whats the weight of the straps?

Retro strap: very light - 160 g

Vintage Gurte: light - 180 g

Leather straps: medium weight - 210 g

Nylon guitar straps: medium weight - 265 g

Seatbelt guitar: mittelschwer - 280 g

+ Wie läuft die Rücksendung ab?

Wenn Du etwas zurücksenden möchtest, schreibe uns einfach eine kurze Email dazu. Versende anschließend den Artikel, am besten in der Originalverpackung, zurück an: Steyner Straps, Donauschleife 5, 59069 Hamm, Germany. Die Rücksendekosten bei trägt der Käufer. Sobald die Ware wieder bei uns eingetroffen ist, erstatten wir den Kaufbetrag.

+ My style of play is very violent and wild. Can tear the leather off?

The leather ends of our suspenders (except leather straps) are made of 4 mm thick, tensile leather. Heavy borrowing or tearing of the belt hole is almost impossible.

The ends of the leather straps are 3 mm thick. The belt hole is additionally sewn. Easy borrowing is possible with very heavy use over time. But it won't run away.

For maximum safety we recommend Strapslocks.

+ The leather end of my strap does not fit on the strap pin of my guitar. What can I do?

Your strap has a narrow cut above the hole for a tight seal. If your guitar has a larger strap pin than usual, the cut may be a little too small. Please then try to make the incision a little longer by carefully cutting with a sharp knife. Please cut carefully and slowly.

With our -> Straplocks you can work around this problem. These fit exactly into our belt holes.



Vegan | Engraving | Special order


+ Do you offer vegan gztar straps?

Yeah, we also have vegan varieties. All straps models (except pure leather belts), can be ordered alternatively with vegan leather ends.

+ Can the guitar strap be engraved with my name?

Yes, we can engrave your name or a logo on the front of the back leather end in plain black. Click on a view > View engraving example

+ Can I order a custom-made product?

We can make all straps (except leather guitar straps) within our materials according to your wishes. You can choose the leather color and the metal color, as well as the color of the back. Of course we can also make your strap to your desired length.

Just write us a short mail.