Vegan Bass Straps

You like to buy a vegan bass strap?

No problem! With us you get a bass strap with fastening end pieces made of synthetic leather.

Our animal free guitar straps are available as:  2-part Bass Strap Classic,  8 cm wide Deluxe Bass Strap Deluxe and padded Bass Strap.

Unfortunately, our leather bass straps are currently only available in genuine leather variants.

vegane Bassgurte von Steyner

Sturdy, vegan leather straps for reliable hold of the strap on your bass or guitar.

These leather ends are solid and robust. They consist of a textile base
support and are coated with a plastic cover. Its thickness is about 3.5
mm and thus offers maximum security for your guitar. This synthetic
leather is visually quite close to the real leather ends and can hardly
be distinguished from them.

vegane Leder Befestigungslaschen für Bassgurte

Buy vegan bass strap with synthetic leather

How to order your desired bass strap from vegan leather
Simply select "Vegan Leather" as the leather type on the product page of your desired guitar strap.

We look forward to your order.