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Lina Steyner Straps mit Gitarren

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Hi, I am Lina, the founder of Steyner Straps, as well as a passionate musician and graphic designer. I love being creative, making music and being on stage. For a long time, I was looking for a guitar strap that would meet my remarkably high standards. It should be eye-catching and also be perceived as a fashion accessory. It should be colorful, patterned, and classy. Due to a back operation, I now attach great importance to maximum comfort, so I needed a strap that glides gently over my shoulder and is hardly noticeable. Furthermore, I attach great importance to quality and sustainability. I wanted to choose a strap only once and, in the best case, enjoy it for many years. I wanted a guitar strap that combines all these and with which I can make my individual statement.
The most comfortable and high-quality thing that finally fell into my hands were padded leather straps, but they were visually too boring and monotonous for me.
So, in 2016, my mission was born to create special, patterned guitar straps with which I could make my personal "statement" regarding quality, sustainability, design, comfort, and passion. Since then, I, together with my team, have been producing handmade straps with perfection down to the slightest detail in my small manufactory on the outskirts of the Ruhr area.
With Steyner Straps I have fulfilled a lifelong dream and I am incredibly happy about the numerous great feedbacks of enthusiastic Steyner Straps owners.

Thank you for your trust.


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Lina Saengerin mit Gitarre

To be unique means, To be yourself.

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