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Padded Guitar Strap Blue - Eastern Reef (Silver-Black)

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ONLY THE BEST for your instrument
✔ Premium quality
✔ Impressive design
✔ Handmade in Germany
✔ With you in 1-3 working days

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Your guitar "feather-light" and exceptionally comfortable on your shoulder. Play "like on clouds".

With this ultra-soft padded guitar strap, you'll hardly feel the weight of your guitar anymore. If you're used to the comfort of thick padded leather straps and are now looking for even more comfort combined with elegant aesthetics, this "Guitar Strap with Padding" will absolutely delight you.

Your benefits while playing:

✓ Strong weight relief
✓ Longer sessions without discomfort
✓ Better focus on playing


  • Glossy finish (shimmer effect)
  • Non-slip underside
  • 14 mm velvet padding
  • Soft, thick edges and high-quality feel
  • 4 mm thick genuine leather ends (vegetable-tanned)
  • 2-piece construction (padding and adjustment)
  • Lovingly handcrafted in Germany

This exceptional guitar strap is only available from us! Please note: Depending on the lighting, the base color may appear lighter or darker.

  For attachment, we recommend our guitar strap lock "Big Straplocks" > View Straplocks


Dimensions and Construction

  • 2-piece construction (shoulder padding + adjustment)
  • Length 118 - 140 cm or custom
  • Shoulder padding length: 63 cm
  • Shoulder padding width: 7 cm
  • Adjustment width: 5 cm
  • Weight: 275 g
  • Thickness: approx. 20 mm
  • 14 mm thick velvet padding
  • Noble artificial silk fabric with floral pattern
  • Cotton color: Black
  • Metal parts color: Gunmetal, black
  • Leather color: Black
  • 4 mm thick genuine leather / synthetic leather ends


  • Soft and flexible
  • Excellent grip
  • High wearing comfort
  • Very high-quality feel and appearance
  • Secure attachment pieces
  • Compatible with electric guitar, acoustic guitar, western guitar
  • Made in Germany

Premium Wearing Comfort

Your shoulders will love this padded guitar strap!

The guitar strap offers remarkable wearing comfort due to the soft materials. The soft strap edge gently rests around the neck and shoulder. The sturdy, padded guitar strap consists of two parts: the shoulder padding and the adjustment. Both parts consist of two or three sewn-together layers. A sturdy cotton band serves as the base for the shoulder padding, which is connected to a glossy artificial silk fabric on the front side and a soft velvet padding on the back side. The adjustable area is made of a seatbelt material or the design fabric, which we additionally reinforced with a cotton band on the back to prevent the strap from slipping out of adjustment unintentionally. 4 mm thick leather ends (either vegetable-tanned genuine leather or vegan synthetic leather) ensure stable and reliable support for your instrument. Thus, you always have full security and can concentrate 100% on playing the guitar.

Wearing Comfort

With this unique guitar strap, you'll hardly feel the weight of the instrument anymore. The extra-wide surface area of 7 cm optimally distributes the weight on your shoulder. The very soft, 14 mm thick velvet padding is the highlight of the strap. It provides an absolutely heavenly wearing sensation, like walking on clouds.

This guitar strap is particularly suitable for players with health restrictions, pain, or chronic complaints. With our special padding, you can play comfortably for hours without discomfort.

"Wenn Deine Gitarre ein Traum ist, sollte der Gurt kein Albtraum sein."

Kundenzitat von Herbert

  • Appropriate strap hole size

    Select your appropriate hole size directly. There is no need to cut or drill the belt hole afterwards.

  • Powerful leather

    Our robust genuine leather ends are between 3.5 - 4.0 mm thick. This makes it impossible to tear out the belt hole.

  • Personal Engraving

    Make your strap even more individual and engrave it with your name or a logo.

Blaue Schönheit!

Der, je nach Lichteinfall, leicht schimmernde Oberstoff verleiht unserem Eastern Reef eine edle Optik. Die Grundfarben varieren zwischen Royal- und Navyblau und treffen auf hellblaue, beige und tannengrünen Ornamente. Abgerundet wird der neue Look durch gunmetall (schwarze) Hardware und schwarze Lederteile.

Perfect Match

Das wunderschöne "Eastern Reef"- Design ist ein
unwiderstehlicher Hingucker, der Dein hochwertiges Instrument perfekt ergänzt!

Besonders zur Geltung kommt er in Kombination mit einer blauen, braunen, schwarzen, weißen, goldenen, cremefarbigen, grünen oder hellblauen Gitarre.

Eastern Reef vs. Ocean

"Eastern Reef" ergänzt unsere Eastern Kollektion um eine weitere blaue Variante und konkurriert so mit unserem "Eastern Ocean". Durch unterschiedliche Akzent-, Metall- und Lederfarben ist ein völlig neuer Look entstanden. Wir sind begeistert. Welches Design gefällt Dir besser?

Eastern Ocean ansehen

Zuwachs in der Eastern Kollektion

So far we have two black variants "Eastern Nights", as well as a red "Eastern Heat", a blue "Eastern Ocean" and a purple colored variant "Eastern Blueberry".

With "Eastern Reef" our blue "Eastern Ocean" now has a worthy competitor.

Gesamte Eastern Kollektion anschauen