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Nylon Ukulele Strap Heavy Harvey - 38 mm (Beige-Brass)

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ONLY THE BEST for your instrument
✔ Premium quality
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✔ Handmade in Germany
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Premium Nylon Ukulele Strap - Made in Germany

High-End Ukulele strap made of nylon and cotton with high slip resistance, exclusive look, and incredibly soft feel. (Double-layered stitching)

These Nylon Ukulele straps are visually and tactilely stunning. The straps consist of two super soft, thick layers. We've combined this sturdy nylon strap with a thick cotton strap on the back, ensuring high slip resistance, fantastic comfort, and long-lasting durability. The strap has a solid yet buttery soft feel. It's very sturdy yet remains flexible and not too heavy. In terms of design, it features a beige, shimmering surface with a distinctive herringbone pattern structure. This strap is particularly suitable for heavy ukuleles. The 3.8mm strap thickness provides a light "cushioning effect".

Handcrafted to perfection down to the smallest detail in our workshop in the Ruhr area. Made to last a lifetime!


  • Glossy appearance (shimmer effect)
  • Non-slip cotton underside
  • Soft, thick edges and premium feel
  • 4mm thick genuine leather end (vegetable-tanned)
  • Lovingly handcrafted in Germany 

Please note that due to the thickness of the two materials, this strap may experience slight waviness, which will smooth out over time.

You can only get this exceptional strap from us!
✓ including attachment cord

  For attachment to heavy ukuleles, we recommend our guitar strap lock "Big Straplocks" > View Straplocks



Dimensions and Construction

• 80 - 135 cm (31" - 53")
• Weight 110 g
• Thickness approximately 3.8 mm
• Nylon color: Cream, brown, gray, dark green, or black
• Cotton color: matching the upper color
• Metal parts color: Antique brass
• 4mm thick genuine leather / faux leather ends
• Double-stitched with nylon and cotton


• Extremely soft and flexible
• Excellent grip
• High wearing comfort
• Very premium feel and appearance
• Secure attachment ends
• Soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, bass, and electric ukuleles
• Made in Germany

Extraordinary Comfort

Your shoulders will love this high-quality Nylon Ukulele Strap!