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Nylon Ukulele Strap

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ONLY THE BEST for your instrument
✔ Premium quality
✔ Impressive design
✔ Handmade in Germany
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Top class stylish nylon ukulele strap, black

Double layered nylon and cotton ukulele strap with high slip resistance, exclusive look, and soft feel. (double layer sewn)

Perfect accessory for your ukulele - Our premium "Heavy Nylon ukulele straps" are an absolute stunner, both visually and haptically. The straps consist of two super soft, thick layers. The special feature is that we have combined this sturdy nylon strap with a thick cotton webbing on the back. This provides a high-level slip resistance, fantastic comfort, and durability. The strap features a solid, yet buttery soft feel. It is very stable, but still remains flexible and is not too heavy. In design, it convinces with a shimmering surface with a concise herringbone pattern structure. This unique style is completed by robust leather ends and high-quality metal parts.

Handmade with perfection, down to the slightest detail, in our manufactory in Germany. Made to last!


  • Shiny appearance (shimmer effect)
  • Non-slip underside made of cotton
  • Soft, thick edges and valuable feel
  • 4 mm thick genuine leather end (vegetable tanned)
  • Lovingly handmade in Germany

Please note that due to the thickness of both materials, there may be some slight rippling with this strap, but it will "hang out" after a while.

This high end nylon guitar strap you only get from us!
✓ incl. fastening cord

The strap is a gift? Here you can find a suitable gift packaging. > Giftbox

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Dimensions and structure

  • Length: adjustable 80 - 135 cm (31" - 53")
  • 38 mm (1.5")
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Thickness: 4.5 mm
  • Colors: black, beige, green,brown, grey
  • Color metal parts: antique brass
  • Color leather: red brown
  • 4 mm thick genuine leather / imitation leather ends


  • Soft and flexible
  • Excellent grip
  • Excellent wearing comfort
  • Unique look and feel
  • Secure fastening leather end pieces
  • incl. fastening cord
  • compatible with acoustic, western, bass and electric guitar
  • Made in Germany

Top class Wearing Comfort

Your shoulders will love this anti-slip nylon ukulele strap!
The strap has a remarkable wearing comfort thanks to the soft materials. The soft strap edge gently wraps around the neck and shoulder. Furthermore, the sewn-on cotton strap provides a good grip. Thus, the strap does not slip back and forth unintentionally. The fastening made of 4 mm thick genuine leather (optionally synthetic leather) ensures a stable and reliable hold of your instrument. Thus, you always have full security and can concentrate 100% on playing with your ukulele.