Reliable guitar strap for your best performance

Butter-soft, non-slip strap with an ultra-comfortable feel and elegant shimmer. Ideal for top-heavy guitars and long gigs.

Welcher Nylon Gurt passt zu Dir und Deiner Gitarre?

Nylon Guitar Straps - Non-Slip | Classy | Solid

Our premium "Heavy Nylon Collection" is an absolute stunner, both visually and haptically. The straps consist of two super soft, thick layers. The noble nylon front side was sewn with a non-slip cotton strap on the back side. This creates soft edges, a pleasant padding, and a comfortable, non-slip feel. These guitar straps are made to last and are best suited for heavy, top-heavy instruments. LOVINGLY HANDMADE IN GERMANY also available as vegan version and with personal engraving