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Strap Button - Leather strap attachment

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Genuine leather strap button (herbaceous)

Intelligent and long-lasting solution for attaching your guitar strap or ukulele strap to the neck of the instrument.
Some acoustic and classical guitars as well as ukuleles have only one belt pin in the lower guitar body. Here the question arises as to how the other part of the belt can be connected to the instrument.

As standard, we supply a "cord" with our guitar straps for attachment to the neck. This is simply pushed onto the head plate under the sides and knotted. The "lace-up method" is also widely used. However, the "cord solution" is only a means to an end and optically not quite so beautiful.

With our "Steyner strapbutton" we now offer an elegant solution made of leather. By means of a narrow leather strap and a screw, the belt can be attached to the guitar in a matter of seconds.

The special:
Thanks to our Steyner screw system, the leather latch on the belt hole remains unchanged during belt or guitar changes. So you will have long joy in it.

In conventional head or pin systems, the leather strap extends with each belt assembly, which must be turned over and over again on the pin.

This guitar connector for the guitar neck is suitable for all guitar, ukulele and bass models.


Dimensions and structure

    Metal end screw with Steyner logo
    3 leather colors (black, reddish brown, dark brown)
    2 Metal colors (alt-brass, alt-silver)
    Width: 2.2 cm
    Length: 20 cm
    Leather thickness: 2.1 mm


  • Soft and flexible
  • Very valuable haptics and optics
    Secure mounting strap suitable for Steyner straps
    For attaching the guitar strap to the guitar neck
    Made in Germany