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How do I attach a guitar strap?

This is how you can easily attach your guitar-/bass strap to your guitar/bass.

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Basically, the guitar strap is attached to the "strap pins" (or strap button, guitar button and end pin) that are affixed for this purpose. However, the number of these fixings can vary. There are guitars with two strap pins, some with only one, as well as instruments that do not have a pin at all. A strap pin is a screw with a wider attachment. The hole of the guitar strap is slipped over this attachment. These (attachments) are of different shapes, materials, and colors. The most common colors are alloys in gold, silver and black. In the following pictures we explain the different ways of attaching a strap to an instrument.

Gitarrengurtpin Endpin Befestigung Gitarrengurt

Attaching guitar strap to a guitar with two strap pins (Attach guitar strap without drilling)

Most electric guitars, electric basses, as well as acoustic guitars are nowadays equipped with two "strap pins". Attaching a guitar strap to these guitars is pretty simple. Just pull the strap holes at the ends of the guitar strap over the "strap pins". That is it! In the following picture you can see how to attach a guitar strap to an electric guitar.

Gitarrengurt befestigen anE Gitarre mit zwei Gurtpins


Attaching a guitar strap to a guitar with one strap pin

For guitar models that come with only one strap pin out of the box, there are three different options for attaching a guitar strap to the instrument.

  • Attaching a guitar strap with the help of a cord (without drilling)
  • Attaching a guitar strap with the help of a "strap button" (without drilling)
  • Attaching a guitar strap with the help of a "second" strap pin (with drilling)

Gurt fuer Gitarre oder Bass befestigen mit Kordel oder Strapbutton und Endpin

1. Attaching the guitar strap with a cord

Some acoustic guitars only have one "strap pin" mounted on the lower guitar body. In this case, you can attach your guitar strap to the guitar neck with a cord or a ribbon / string. This cord is already included with many guitar straps. Those who find fiddling around with the knot of the ribbon too annoying might like the so-called "strap button". In the following picture you can see the attachment of a guitar strap to an acoustic guitar / western guitar.

Gitarrengurt mit einer Kordel befestigen und anbringen

2. Attaching the guitar strap with "strap buttons"

Another way of attaching the guitar strap to the neck of the guitar without drilling is to use a "Strap Button". This is a loop, usually made of leather, that attaches to the guitar neck just behind the guitar saddle on the headstock. The loop is closed with the integrated strap pin, which also serves as an attachment pin for the guitar strap afterwards. Compared to the cord, this loop offers more security, is visually more attractive and super-fast to attach. The cost is around €10.

gitarrengurt bassgurt anbringen mit strap button leder steyner

3. Attaching the guitar strap by installing a "second" strap pin

The safest solution is to attach another strap pin. By using two fixed pins, the strap can be attached most securely. For this step, small holes must be drilled in the guitar. To carry out the assembly, we recommend that you visit your guitar builder, a professional guitar workshop or the guitar store of your choice. The costs for this are estimated at a maximum of €20.

Attaching a guitar strap to a guitar with no strap pin (Fastening a guitar strap without a button)

Many classical guitars are supplied by guitar makers without strap pins. Playing without a guitar strap can be extremely uncomfortable because you always need to hold the guitar with your hand. In addition, the instrument can tip forward unintentionally. Therefore, we recommend that you attach such strap pins. Attaching the strap to two fixed points provides for more safety and comfort while playing.

Guitar strap for classical guitar


As an alternative to the strap pin assembly, there is the "classic guitar strap". This strap is placed around the neck and hooked into the sound hole of the guitar. Note that this mount is not very secure. You would always need to hold the guitar with one hand. When using a classic guitar strap, please remember to always secure your instrument with at least one hand. When using these guitar straps, the instrument can tip forward and in the worst-case crash. In addition, if you have a valuable instrument (e.g., with valuable inlays around the sound hole), you should always check that the strap hook is not damaged in any way that could possibly cause scratches to the instrument. In the following picture you can see the attachment of a guitar strap to a classical guitar.

Gitarrengurt an eine klassische Gitarre anbringen ohne Gurtpins