Geschenke für Gitarristen und Bassisten

Gifts for guitarists and bassists

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Are you looking for an original gift idea for a guitarist or bassist?

Are you looking for an original gift idea for a guitarist or bassist?
Find the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or any other occasion and surprise your partner, friend, bandmate, or acquaintance with the best guitar/bass accessories. Guitarists and bassists are very peculiar about their equipment. Each element of their setup was chosen for specific reasons. But that does not mean it is impossible to find suitable guitar gifts. We have brought you our top 5 gift tips for guitar and bass players.

🔥 Gifts for guitarists and bassists for less than €20

If you need a small, inexpensive gift, with limited time on your side, you should not get it wrong, when it concerns standard guitar or bass equipment. When playing guitar and bass there are many wearing parts or things to try out. These include, for example: tuners, guitar strings or bass strings, simple straps, standard picks, or capo.

But other brilliant ideas are the merchandise products, such as Tshirts, a plectrum chain or keychains of the favorite brand. We present 3 gift ideas for less than €20:

1. Guitar capo:

regalos guitarristas bajistas capo steyner

This useful guitar accessory is a great gift for guitarists. A capo is used to create an upward transposition of the tone - without applying other fingerings. The instrument sounds higher due to the shortening of the strings. This allows you to match the tone, for example, to the pitch of the singing voice.

The Capo is simply clamped to the fretboard along the frets of the guitar. Afterwards, the guitar can be played normally. Not only beginners will have fun with this, also every professional has a capo in his basic guitar equipment.

► Our tip Steyner Capo

2. Plectrum chain / Pick chain

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Musicians love jewelry. Above all, they are full of passion for music. This chain has the shape of a guitar pick. Available in silver or rose gold. On the back is engraved a musician's wisdom. "When words fail music speaks". This beautiful necklace makes musicians hearts beat faster. It is therefore excellently suited as a gift for guitarists or bassists.

► Our tip: Pick chain

3. Fan T-shirts and merchandise:

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Many guitarists and bassists are fans of large instrument manufacturers, such as Fender, Gibson, Marshall.... A t-shirt is always useful, and musicians are proud to carry their favorite brand close to them.

►Our tip: Fender T-Shirt

🔥 Gifts guaranteed to leave guitarists and bassists speechless.

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Real guitar lovers are creative, individual personalities. They love the "special something" - far away from the mainstream. They are most happy about gifts that can really be used, shown or experienced. And of course, that can be associated with their guitar, bass, or favorite brand. So, if you are looking for a gift for a real guitar freak, you will definitely hit the mark with an unusual gift idea.

4. Handmade guitar and bass straps with personal engraving:

regalos guitarrista bajista correa guitarra bajo correa grabado steyner

A guitar or bass strap is part of a musician's basic equipment. The strap acts as a practical helper, when holding the instrument. But it can also make a visual statement. If the recipient attaches great importance to high-quality guitars, perhaps even has his guitars made to order, he will certainly be hugely pleased with a strap that does justice to the instrument, both in quality and appearance. Since a strap with an extraordinary design makes the guitar or bass really shine again. Tip: A personal engraving is guaranteed to make the musician's heart to beat even faster. Impress your guitarist or bassist with a handmade premium guitar/bass strap.

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► Our bass strap tip: 
Discover unique bass straps with engraving

5. Special guitar picks

palillos de madera

A small selection of special plectra, for example made of wood, horn or stone pleases every musician. As a rule, every guitarist or bassist has certain preferences when it comes to plectra. However, these are usually "standard picks made of plastic" that are in constant use. Therefore, a plectrum made of a special material is a nice gift idea. There are already ready-made sets for different guitar models (electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses). So, you only need to know which instrument the gift-recipient plays.

► Our tip: Timber Tones Picks